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The target project of " LUXELAKES Artistic Pontoon Bridge Designer Open Call" is located at LUXES' Island, LUXELAKES Eco-City, Chengdu. The artistic pontoon bridge will link the LUXE Island Food Street and the art work "Rainbow Hut" by Japanese artist Tsuneo Sekiguchi. The design must take into account practicality and fun, and meet the surrounding projects and the overall style of LUXELAKES.

基地描述Site Description
关于麓湖生态城About LUXELAKES Eco-City
LUXELAKES Eco-City, located in the southern area about 28 kilometers from the center of Chengdu, is an important gateway to the future core area of the Tianfu New District under the overall urban structure of Chengdu's "two cities and two hearts". As an international new city that integrates high-end residential, high-end industries, and leisure and entertainment facilities, it is based on scarce ecological resources and has pioneered the introduction of water systems into the city's functional sector, achieving a model for the development of a domestic ecological new city. In the future, it will accommodate more than 200,000 urban residents and industrial population, with a total land area of 8,300 acres, construction land of 4,200 acres, landscape land of 3000 acres, and municipal supporting land of 1,100 acres.


关于麓客岛About LUXES' Island
LUXES' Island is located in the heart of LUXELAKES Eco-City, known as "Chengdu Influencer Island" and covers an area of about 150 acres. LUXES' Island offers a variety of boutique eating, drinking, and entertainment experiences, including Lu Xiaotiao's Adventure Bay, Lu Xiaoni's Animal Farm, Dagans International Equestrian Club, Langsu Kayak Club, Hualulu Dry Sliding, and Jizha Forest Family-friendly restaurants, Mr. LUXE Coffee, CPI boutique villas and other leisure and entertainment projects. LUXES' Island revolves around the "Park +" experiential business upgrade model, realizing a zero-distance combination of parks, sports and commerce, and realizing commerce in the park and parks in the city.

At the same time, LUXES’ Island is one of the core attractions of the LUXELAKES Water City. In conjunction with the A8 Design Center, it aims at upgrading comprehensively with the theme of "Design and Art". Through the open recruitment of designers and Designer Residency Program, a series of designs will be launched including architecture, landscape, installation, etc. While having leisure and fun, it will become a base for tours, visits and learning programs for design enthusiasts, art lovers, and design-art education related projects, and the in-depth cooperation with the A8 Design Center will continuously highlight LUXES' Island's design and art attributes.


关于C9美食街About C9 Food Street
The LUXELAKES C9 Food Street is centered on popular IP food, creating a special restaurant and entertainment district for people from all over the world. About 20 specialty restaurants are planned to settle in, providing richer service packages for LUXES' Island, and at the same time activating regional maturity and vitality, becoming a gourmet highland in Tianfu New District. Food Street is expected to officially open for business in 2020.


关于艺术家和“成都彩虹小屋”About the Artist and “Chengdu Rainbow Hut”
关口恒男(Tsuneo Sekiguchi)自从在印度果阿(Goa)制作第一个彩虹小屋以来,就一直在制作人们可以在其中跳舞的“彩虹小屋”。他将镜子放在小屋前面的水中,通过反射阳光,在小屋内部投射彩虹,并用这条彩虹代替了古代人跳舞时在周围生起的火焰。他相信人们可以通过舞蹈深刻地认识到自己,当他们了解自己是谁时,他们将面对一个全新的世界。同时,关口也认为创造是一种精神状态,可以看到世界未曾被看见的一面。
Tsuneo Sekiguchi has been making “Rainbow Hut” where people can dance together for 30 years since he made the first one in Goa in India. He makes rainbow with water and a mirror by reflecting sunlight. He places the mirror in the water in front of the hut and projects rainbow inside of the hut. He uses this rainbow instead of fire which was used by ancient men who were dancing around it. He believes people can deeply notice themselves through dance and when they understand who they are, they will face a completely new world. He thinks creation is a state of mind which can see this world which has never happened before.

d4ad8d62b68f738b7fd1f80455a65394.jpg 越后妻有彩虹小屋2015,摄影:中村脩
Echigo-Tsumari Rainbow Hut 2015, Photo by Osamu Nakamura
9ccc9cf4793e786f04bf847c91f6f3d8.jpg 越后妻有彩虹小屋2012Echigo-Tsumari Rainbow Hut 2012
0a59bef9f212972cdfd2ce8adfdf766c.jpg 越后妻有彩虹小屋,摄影:小林壮Echigo-Tsumari Rainbow Hut, Photo by T. Kobayashi
The "Chengdu Rainbow Hut" is located between two small islands. Through the locally collected branches and wooden boards, the two small islands are connected in a local, approachable, and interesting way. The artwork also reflects the surrounding lake surface through the mirrors, creating a rainbow that echoes the lake surface, and is constantly broken and reorganized as the lake sparkles, creating an artistic installation that is both ornamental and interactive.

设计目标Design Goals
The LUXELAKES Artistic Pontoon Bridge is located between the south side of LUXES' Island C9 Food Street and the artwork “Chengdu Rainbow Cabin” between the 3rd and 4th islands. The straight-line distance is about 60 meters and the design must enable people to walk between C9 Food Street and "Chengdu Rainbow Cabin".


设计要求Design Requirements
1、艺术浮桥设计应基本符合周边已有项目及麓湖整体风格,以“低成本新设计”为核心,鼓励新形式、新材料的突破与尝试,成本目标为30万人民币;2、艺术浮桥的起止点以附件图示位置为准,桥间具体走向与线路不作要求。桥间设置较开放的平台或景观节点1-2处,以增进设计的参与性与趣味性。3、 浮桥基本使用周期为10年,设计需考虑浮桥的可拆除性,预留后期对浮桥腾挪诶位置的可能(可分段腾或或整体腾挪);4、 以彩虹小屋的建成落地时间为限,本次艺术浮桥的设计应在2020年5月31日前完成。施工工作应在2020年8月31日前完成(若有)。
1. The design of the Artistic Pontoon Bridge should basically conform to the surrounding existing projects and the overall style of LUXELAKES, with "creative design at low cost" as the core, and encourage breakthroughs and trials of new forms and materials. The cost target is 300,000 yuan;2. The starting and ending points of the Artistic Pontoon Bridge are based on the positions shown in the attachment. The specific direction and route between the starting and ending points are not required. Open platforms or landscape nodes could be set up along the bridge to enhance the participation and interest of the design.3. The basic life cycle of the bridge is 10 years. The design needs to consider the detachability of the pontoon, and reserve the possibility of the pontoon to move in the later stage (it can be moved in sections or in whole).4. Subject to the completion time of Rainbow Hut, the design of this artistic pontoon should be completed before May 31, 2020. Construction work should be completed by August 31, 2020 (if any).

招募须知Designer Open Call
1、参与招募的设计师,请将个人简介及作品集发送至zengziluo@a8dc.cn邮箱,并在标题注明“麓湖艺术浮桥设计师招募”。工作人员在收到申请邮件后会进行内部筛选,最终确认设计师人选。2、本次个人简介及作品集投递截止时间为2020年3月31日23时59分。3、参与投递的设计师须保证个人简历的真实性及作品集的原创性、唯一性和知识产权的完整性。4、入选设计师可获得设计费5万人民币(税前)。5、入选设计师可在麓客岛A8设计工作室(A8 Design Studio)驻留工作一至两周时间,具体情况依设计方案确定。
1. Designers participating in the open call, please send your CV and portfolio to zengziluo@a8dc.cn, and indicate "Open Call for LUXELAKES Artistic Floating Bridge" in the title. After receiving the application email, the staff will conduct an internal screening to finally confirm the designer candidate.2. The deadline for submission of CV and portfolio is 23:59 on March 31, 2020.3. The participating designers must ensure the authenticity of their resumes, the originality, uniqueness of the portfolio and the integrity of their intellectual property.4. Selected designer can get a design fee of 50,000 RMB (before tax).5. Selected designer can stay and work in A8 Design Studio at LUXES' Island for one to two weeks. The specific situation will be determined according to the design plan.

设计参考文件Reference Document
1. Relevant national and local safety standards and specifications;2. Basic information of surrounding projects (construction drawings of islands 3 and 4 and C9 drawings);3. Basic information on the status quo (lake construction drawings, status satellite films).

关于A8设计师驻留About A8 Designer Residency Program
As one of the core modules of the A8 Design Center, designer residency program aims to support the development of designers through project cooperation. The design areas of concern cover architectural design, urban planning, landscape design, interior design, and extend to industrial design, product design, graphic design, fashion design, etc.

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